Cannabis Day Protest Returns To Art Gallery but City Warns Against Vendor Booths

The City of Vancouver has given the organizers of Cannabis Day its official position on our use of the Vancouver Art Gallery grounds on July 1.

Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston told Cannabis Day organizers that, while the City can’t by law block us from having a protest, there will be construction on the North side of the VAG where we’ve had our rally for the past 19 years.

He also said they wouldn’t permit a stage or vendors booths and that police would be responsible for dealing with vendors who set up tents and tables.

Vancouver Police Sgt. Jeff Rice told organizers that officers “don’t want to fight with people” but that marijuana vendors who set up may “risk some enforcement action” that “could result in the the loss of property”.

The Cannabis Day organizers are committed to having our protest on the South side of the Vancouver Art Gallery, facing Robson Street and the Law Courts.

All money collect for booth reservations will be refunded in full. Please contact [email protected] for information. We will attempt to contact all vendors personally as well.

For more info on Cannabis Day and our ongoing negotiations with the City, read “20th Anniversary Cannabis Day Vancouver Protest Will Continue Despite City Threat of Shutdown”.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Cannabis Day & 4/20 Organizer

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